PANEALBA sponsors the World Superbike Championship, the 2020 Italian CIV Superbike Championship, Turin F.C. (sidelines and benches) and the Naples football club, the Società Sportiva Calcio Napoli (sidelines).

Once again in 2021!

The World Superbike Championship, known by the abbreviation WSBK, is the world championship of the Superbike class, which has been contested since 1988.

The history of the 2020 Italian CIV Superbike Championship is legendary and dates from 1911.

This was the year when the history of speed in Italy took shape with the first road motorbike championship.

In some ways, the history of Turin is the history of Italian football. Soccer came to the city of Turin at the end of the nineteenth century and, in 1891, the Turin International football team, under the leadership of the Duke of Abruzzi, was established in the Piedmont city and was the prelude to the foundation of the Turin Football Club.

PANEALBA is also on the sidelines alongside the Naples Football Club, the Società Sportiva Calcio Napoli.