New from Panealba

New from Panealba: Panealba's classic breadsticks, produced with simple, genuine and carefully selected ingredients, like all our products, are now also available in a convenient 125 g pack. The unbleached cardboard pack contains two flavour-saving sealed bags of breadsticks. The delicious flavour and aroma which makes Panealba breadsticks so popular with everyone now lasts even longer!

Panealba at the CIBUS food fair in Parma

Panealba will be at the CIBUS food fair in Parma, Italy, showing off all the products which make them a favourite with connoisseurs. Tasty, natural breadsticks and snacks made with carefully selected, genuine ingredients using cutting-edge procedures which still respect both traditional recipes and modern nutrition. The Piedmont company's high-quality range of products has elevated them to the highest levels of taste and led to them being appreciated by gourmets and families both around Italy and abroad.